10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn’t Eat

By The Captain October 21, 2020

10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn't Eat 1

Order fresh chicken nuggets

Something you definitely want fresh at fast-food restaurants is chicken nuggets. Generally, chicken nuggets are among the unhealthiest fast-food items out there because the chicken is mostly fat and filler and usually battered and fried. However, if you’re a fan of these little fellows, do yourself a favor and order them fresh. You’ll avoid receiving some nuggets that have been left in a container in the heat. A common practice when preparing chicken nuggets is to set a timer and serve them immediately after. However, if they don’t sell, the old ones are reheated instead of making new ones.

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Grilled chicken at burger joints

If you’re planning on going to a fast-food establishment famous for their tasty burgers, whatever you do, don’t order the grilled chicken sandwich. That’s because an eatery that specializes in burgers won’t sell many grilled chicken sandwiches. This means the chicken meat stays a lot longer than the burger ingredients, and instead of being fresh and healthy, it might have a rubbery texture and come with more bacteria than desired.

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