10 “Healthy” Foods Seniors Should Avoid Eating Altogether

By The Captain May 17, 2021

10 "Healthy" Foods Seniors Should Avoid Eating Altogether 1

Raw meat

You might be a fan of certain delicacies like Carpaccio, which is made with raw filets of beef or steak tartare, but if you’re over 50, it might be better for your health to avoid them. Why? Because these foods are prepared with uncooked meat, which means there hasn’t been any thermic preparation process to kill the bacteria in the meat.

Eating uncooked meat can be very dangerous for seniors as they are more vulnerable. Food poisoning can lead to secondary conditions that might turn out to be fatal for elderly individuals.

Captain’s tip: Stick to eating lean white meat like chicken or properly cooked seafood for brain health and strong joints.


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