10 Subtle Signs of Dementia Every Retiree Should Know

By The Captain April 2, 2021

10 Subtle Signs of Dementia Every Retiree Should Know 1

  1. Being repetitive

We’ve already discussed how people with early dementia can have a hard time adapting to changes in their routine.

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In fact, their subconscious becomes so attached to the routine they do know that they may start doing certain things repeatedly. Of course, short-term memory loss also plays a major role here since patients may simply not remember that they’ve already completed a certain task before.

Repetition can be observed in many ways. Some people may start showering multiple times a day because they don’t know they’ve already done so. Others, on the other hand, may start collecting certain things to the point it looks like an obsession.

Another subtle indicator is when the person starts asking the same question multiple times during a conversation.

And since we’re talking about conversations…

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