10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine

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By The Captain February 18, 2021

10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine 1

Are there any new COVID-19 symptoms I should know about?

One of the most surprising things about the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been its wide range of symptoms, as well as their similarity to other common viruses or bacteria (such as the flu or common colds).

A year into the pandemic, we’re all well aware of the common symptoms like fever, coughing or chills. We now also know that a sore throat or runny nose may sometimes be a signal of alarm that should send us into quarantine. But what about the less-known signs?

For example, did you know that some people who get infected are completely asymptomatic aside from a skin rash on their hands?

Knowing every possible symptom can help you detect the illness on time and protect your loved ones. If you want to know the most recent discoveries and symptoms of COVID-19, check out our post right here:

Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too!

Of course, it’s equally important to know what to do once you get one of these signs so you can protect your loved ones. We have an in-depth article that features 7 essential steps you should take after testing positive for COVID-19 (or if you think you’re infected), so make sure to read it right here.


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