10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine

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By The Captain February 18, 2021

10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine 1

Why are there two doses administered instead of one?

Most vaccines we usually take for certain illnesses are administered in a single dose. All the COVID-19 vaccines available right now must be administered in two doses that are scheduled at a certain period of time apart from one another.

Interestingly enough, manufacturers first started developing this strategy believing a single dose was enough. However, during the trials they’ve noticed that the subgroups of participants who received two doses had a much stronger (and faster) immune response. This discovery convinced officials to demand a two-dose administration for the Pfizer, Moderna and now AstraZeneca vaccines as well.

This research process has also revealed that taking the vaccine four to 12 weeks apart is very effective in terms of people’s immune response; in fact, recent studies proved that waiting a bit longer to get the second dose is even better for your COVID-19 immunity. This is why you might be noticing a change in intervals between the first and the second vaccine dose.


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