11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health

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By The Captain April 9, 2021

11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health 1

You’ll increase your risk of cancer

These days, many people feel like almost every food out there can increase their cancer risk. Although that’s an overstatement, many foods are so rich in unhealthy ingredients that they can indeed increase such risks in the long run.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has found that PhIP, a chemical linked to prostate, colon and breast cancers, often shows up in fast food meat (especially grilled chicken).

In 2009 there was even a lawsuit debating this problem and Burger King had to post warnings inside every restaurant regarding the content of this chemical in some of their foods.

Although McDonald’s meals haven’t been examined for this particular chemical yet, it surely has sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite – two additives commonly used to preserve the meat color and make it last longer.

Now, considering that a McDonald’s burger looked the exact same way after 21 years of being kept in a bag, clearly their foods do contain cancer-causing chemicals.


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