11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health

The Captain
By The Captain April 9, 2021

11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health 1

You’ll starve…

…although you may not immediately feel like it.

Of course, we’re not talking about the physical sensation of starving because you definitely feel full after a Big Mac menu with extra fries and a pie for dessert.

We’re talking about nutritional starvation.

McDonald’s has a crazy amount of calories, but very few of them are truly nutrient-dense. This means that your stomach will be full, but your body won’t get any vitamins, minerals or macronutrients it needs to thrive.

As a result, you’ll feel hungry again within a short time. Now, if you’re going to eat foods low in nutrients again, you become trapped in a vicious circle where your body never receives what it truly needs.


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