11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health

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By The Captain April 9, 2021

11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health 1

You’ll gain weight…

…and I mean it.

No matter how delicious and satisfying McDonald’s may be, it has an inevitable effect: weight gain.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends a daily calorie intake of approximately 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 calories for men.

Now, if you’re going to eat a McDonald’s burger with French fries and a soda you’ll easily exceed 1,000 calories at once.

What’s worse, these 1,000 calories aren’t even healthy or nutritious; in fact, chances are most of them come as added sugars, trans fats and unhealthy carbs.

The result? Sudden weight gain that’s particularly hard to get rid of.

Unfortunately, empty calories cause even more damage than unwanted pounds. Our post right here explains what empty calories are and how you can safely avoid them.


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