11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health

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By The Captain April 9, 2021

11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health 1

You’ll have digestive problems

All those artificial flavors, fried foods and sauces can really take a toll on your digestive system.

Our major body functions have barely changed during the past centuries, which means that our stomach isn’t designed to handle so many artificial ingredients consumed daily.

However, the worst of them remains sodium (salt).

In fact, sodium is the very reason why McDonald’s meals are so tasty and addictive. Nutritionist Toby Amidor points out that you can eat more than 75% of your daily recommended intake of sodium in a single fast-food meal.

And when you get too much sodium, you increase your risk of the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • Kidney diseases

Before you get to experience those long-term problems, though, all that extra sodium can give you bloating, stomach cramps or even nausea.


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