11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health

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By The Captain April 9, 2021

11 Brutal Ways McDonald’s Can Ruin Your Health 1

Your respiratory system might get hurt

By now, we’ve established that McDonald’s (and fast food in general) can easily make you gain unwanted pounds thus increasing the risk of obesity.

And when obesity comes, it doesn’t come alone.

Carrying all that extra weight 24 hours a day can become exhausting for major body systems.

Now there’s so much pressure on your heart and lungs which can translate into difficulty breathing, even after the slightest physical effort such as taking a walk.

The situation is even worse for children. According to this study from the BMJ Journals, children who eat fast food more than three times a week have an increased risk of asthma – a serious respiratory condition that may require lifetime treatment.


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