12 Beloved Foods you didn’t know are this salty

By M. C. November 5, 2021
salty foods

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Salty Foods To Avoid: 

  • Shrimp– Packaged frozen shrimp usually contains added salt for flavor, but also preservatives that are rich in sodium. For example, sodium tripolyphosphate is added to help reduce moisture loss during thawing. In contrast, 85 grams serving of fresh-caught shrimp without any other salt and additives has just 101 mg of sodium.
  • Soup– And by soup, we mean canned, packaged, restaurant-made soups, that contain a lot of sodium. On average, canned soup has 700 mg of sodium.
  • Ham– Ham is high in sodium because salt is added to cure and flavor the meat. An 85-gram serving of roasted ham has on average 1,117 mg of sodium.
  • Instant pudding– Although pudding doesn’t taste salty, there’s plenty of sodium in an instant pudding mix. A 25-gram portion of instant vanilla pudding mix has 350 mg of sodium. As a replacement, you can try regular vanilla pudding mix, which contains only 135 mg of sodium.
  • Cottage cheese– Cottage cheese is a good choice if you’re looking for a source of calcium and protein, but it’s also salty. There is no better alternative to cottage cheese, as any other option has the same levels of sodium. But there’s one study that showed how rinsing cottage cheese under running water for 3 minutes, then draining it, will reduce the sodium amount by 63%.
  • Vegetable juice– By drinking vegetable juice you can get many nutrients, but if you don’t read the nutrition labels correctly, you can also drink a lot of sodium.

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