12 Common Foods You Didn’t Know Had Weird Side Effects

By The Captain April 5, 2021

12 Common Foods You Didn't Know Had Weird Side Effects 1

Aphrodisiacs can boost your libido

The pandemic life is stressful and it can affect every aspect of our lives – including intimacy (or the lack of it). If you just can’t find the spark for some alone time anymore, go get some chocolate-covered strawberries right now!


Because, aside from being associated with romantism, they’re some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs out there.

The term ‘aphrodisiac’ refers to any food or supplement that can boost a person’s libido.

The most popular foods in this category are raw oysters, chocolate and strawberries.

If you’re planning a romantic dinner or just can’t find the spark to spend a great evening with your loved one, give in to these three cravings and watch the magic happen.


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