12 Common Foods You Didn’t Know Had Weird Side Effects

By The Captain April 5, 2021

12 Common Foods You Didn't Know Had Weird Side Effects 1

Mushrooms can give you a rash

Most of the times when you see a rash shortly after eating a meal you think it’s an allergic reaction.

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And most of the time you’re right.

However, mushrooms can trigger a really strange reaction for some people called shiitake dermatitis; it usually appears right after consuming raw shiitake mushrooms, or those that haven’t been cooked properly.

Specialists describe this type of rash as whip marks that can appear on the torso, neck, head or limbs.

Penny Clark, RDN, MS, points out that if you cook your mushrooms well, you can safely eat as many as you like. Note that this condition is also rare, so if you’re into mushrooms and haven’t experienced it before, you’re most likely safe.


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