12 Diabetes Complications You May Have Without Knowing

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By The Captain September 29, 2020

Wellness Captain Diabetes Complications

4. Loss of memory and/or mental sharpness

A study published in 2013 in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation found that patients diagnosed with diabetes are 73% more likely to develop dementia in the long run than healthy individuals. We already know that diabetes can damage blood vessels and that also applies to the brain. When blood flows incorrectly, your brain receives less nutrients, which in turn can cause vascular dementia.


5. Increased risk for depression

Unfortunately, people diagnosed with depression are two times more likely to develop depression. Aside from changes in lifestyle and constant treatment, all of the symptoms listed here can increase the risk for anxiety and depression.


6. Indigestion and/or nausea

Another unpleasant symptom caused by diabetes is regarding the vagus nerve. This nerve helps to control how food moves through the digestive tract. If the vagus nerve doesn’t work correctly, food can stay too long in your stomach. This, in turn, leads to a series of complications such as heartburn, bloating, lack of appetite and nausea.

In severe cases, you may end up with gastroparesis, a condition in which your stomach can’t empty properly. The best treatment for this disease is to eat smaller meals and avoiding foods high in fibre. A specialist may also recommend medication.


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