12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD

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By The Captain April 21, 2021

12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD 1

#2. Your veggies have a yellow hue

Broccoli and zucchini are green, bell peppers are orange and tomatoes are red.

But what if they have a slightly different color?

Most vegetables (green ones in particular) will change their hue within a few days of being unpackaged. This is the normal process they go through – and a good indicator that if your veggies look fresh for days or weeks, they’re probably overloaded with chemicals that preserve their appearance.

However, if your green veggies start turning yellow, it might be time to throw them away.

If your broccoli only has a few tiny yellow ends, though, you can still save it. Cut off the yellow parts and soak the stem of the vegetables for up to 15 minutes. Voila!


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