12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD

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By The Captain April 21, 2021

12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD 1

#4. Rice kept in the fridge

Since it’s a cereal, rice can last for what feels like forever. One of its amazing properties is that it can last very well even after it’s cooked – but be careful!

Experts recommend eating cooked rice for up to six days and only if you keep it in the fridge.

Otherwise, you may be risking food poisoning, which is just not worth it. Why? After several days, cooked rice can start developing a bacteria called Bacillus cereus; unlike other bacteria, this one doesn’t die even if you reheat the rice, so it’s best to stay away from it.

If you cook rice using milk or other dairy products its shelf life becomes even shorter since dairy is much more prone to developing harmful bacteria.


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