12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD

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By The Captain April 21, 2021

12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD 1

#6. A fruit has become mushy

Unfortunately, fruits can go bad very quickly, which means we have to purchase small batches constantly.

If you’re ever forgotten about some fruits around the house, you’ve probably found them covered in mold. In this case, you should throw them away even if they have just a tiny bit of mold since they can still cause food poisoning or allergic reactions.

However, another sign few people know about is if a fruit is very mushy. No matter how savory it may still seem, this is a clear sign that it’s taken a turn and you should toss it to avoid any digestive problems.


What happens if you eat mold by accident? Click ‘next’ to find out…


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