12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD

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By The Captain April 21, 2021

12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD 1

#7. Food has mold on it

The thought of eating food with mold seems strange for many people (unless we talk about fancy cheese).

However, my grandparents always took the mold out of jam jars and just ate the rest. You can do the same with some vegetables by cutting the moldy part off and cooking the rest of the food.

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t work that way.

Mold basically means microorganisms that spreads and continues to invade a food until it’s ‘eaten’ completely. The US Department of Agriculture points out that ‘when a food shows heavy mold growth, root threads have invaded it deeply.’ This means it has to go.

However, some molds are actually beneficial for your health and highly recommended! If you want to know which they are, check out our in-depth post about mold right here.


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