12 Strange Signs That You Might Have a Serious Illness

By The Captain December 9, 2020

Wellness Captain Strange Signs of a Serious Illness

  1. Skin rashes

Skin rashes can appear from a wide range of reasons, from sunburns to allergies and even clothing items. Usually, there’s nothing to worry about and most of the times this symptom goes away on its own. In isolated cases, though, this symptom can be a piece of a bigger puzzle.

If your skin rash becomes painful or suddenly starts spreading, you may need a checkup to rule out serious illnesses such as an infection, a hematologic disease or a connective tissue disorder.


  1. Chest pain

From indigestion to heartburn and heart attack, chest pain can be caused by a wide range of reasons – some more serious than others.

Nathan Anderson, emergency medicine physician at UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical center, says that, in very rare cases, chest pain can also be a sign of skin cancer.


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