12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021

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By The Captain April 4, 2021

12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021 1

#10. Non-GMO foods aren’t genetically modified

As the food industry has been evolving, manufacturers figured out more and more ways to change and improve the texture, flavor or look of our favorite foods.

One of the main ways they do that is by genetically modifying food.

And the harsh truth is that almost every food around us is genetically modified. Nowadays, finding food that’s even remotely similar to what our ancestors ate is nearly impossible.

Let’s take apples: in the original version, this fruit was small, tart and sour. Scientists cross-bred apple trees to make them large, juicy and sweet.

Another popular technique is mutation breeding: food researchers take the best treats from a plant that produces food and apply gamma radiation to it to speed up the genetic mutation process.

Both of these practices have been used for decades and none of them is considered GMO to this day, Forbes says.


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