12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021

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By The Captain April 4, 2021

12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021 1

#2. Low-sugar or zero-sugar foods are better

During the past decade, we’ve become very aware of a painful truth: sugar can seriously damage our health.

One of the main consequences was that we started refusing products like candy, soda or cake because they were insanely high in sugar.

This behavior opened a new door for food manufacturers: low-sugar or zero-sugar foods.

According to the American Heart Association, a food labeled as ‘sugar-free’ can contain up to 0.5 grams of sugar. Things are even worse for terms like ‘no added sugar’ or ‘without added sugar’ which only mean that the final product doesn’t contain any additional sugar-containing ingredients.

These terms rarely mean that a product truly has no sugar at all.

Furthermore, those foods that are indeed lower in sugar usually contain artificial flavors and taste enhancers to help them remain tasty and addictive.

This 2015 study revealed that most people think that products labeled with the word ‘fruit’ are healthier than their alternatives. Unfortunately, many of these items also have plenty of added fructose sweetener or juice concentrates that make them just as sugary as their competitors.


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