15 Dangerous Things Nutritionists NEVER Eat – And Neither Should You

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By The Captain March 1, 2021

15 Dangerous Things Nutritionists NEVER Eat – And Neither Should You 1

  1. Pre-packaged sushi

Grocery store sushi has become increasingly popular over the past few years – and why wouldn’t it? It looks delicious, it’s accessible and often more affordable than ordering takeout at a sushi restaurant.

However, it can be extremely dangerous too for many reasons.

Keith Ayoob, Ed.D., explains that your main reason of concern regarding this food is its manufacturing date. In simple terms, you just can’t know how long that sushi has been staying on the store shelves or where it truly comes from.

Sushi is usually made using temperature-sensitive ingredients that don’t last for very long (think fish and cheese creams). Depending on the source of the sushi, it may be old enough to give you digestive problems.

Secondly, Ayoob points out that you may not even know if that fish comes from a trusted source – or if it’s even real fish at all. Today’s manufacturers can use so many preservatives and artificial colorants that they can make any fish look like a delicious piece of fresh salmon.

When it comes to pre-packaged sushi, it’s just not worth the risk.


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