15 Dangerous Things Nutritionists NEVER Eat – And Neither Should You

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By The Captain March 1, 2021

15 Dangerous Things Nutritionists NEVER Eat – And Neither Should You 1

  1. Low-fat peanut butter

According to Megan Faletra, MS, integrative dietitian nutritionist, explains that reduced-far peanut butters are often filled with added sugar and flavors to make them seem as delicious as their full-fat alternatives. Unfortunately, though, this trick only makes you eat unhealthy ingredients that might lead to weight gain much faster than eating a full-fat, organic peanut butter.

Faletra points out something very important: the fat in organic peanut butters is 100% healthy and your body actually needs it just as much as it needs other nutrients too.

The way you store peanut butter can also make a huge difference in its nutrient properties and freshness. Make sure to check out our post on 7 Mistakes Even YOU Might Make With Peanut Butter to make sure you’re eating this delicious food right!


  1. Margarine

I must admit there was a point in my life where my family and I ate margarine every single day: it was tasty, easy to spread and more affordable than actual butter.

Unfortunately, though, margarine is one of the unhealthiest foods you could ever eat.

Faletra explains that almost every margarine out there is mainly based on highly processed vegetable oils, preservatives and other chemicals that make it seem creamy and tasty. Not only is butter healthier overall, but it also gives you the good fats your body needs to gain energy daily.

Grass-fed organic butter is the healthiest option you can get right now – but make sure to consume it in moderation to avoid the excess of fat.


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