19 Healthy Meats for a Better Life

By M. C. October 19, 2021

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  • Venison – For those who are not familiar with this meat, venison is just another word for deer meat. It’s a great red meat source, it’s extremely lean, and if you’re a hunting lover, it must be among your favorites.
  • Pork – The general belief about pork meat is that it’s bad for you. In reality, some parts of the pork are actually healthy. You might think instantly of bacon, but pork tenderloin is a healthier choice.
  • Wild boar – The difference between wild boar and pork is that the wild boar is a wild pig, basically. Would you ever think that the wild boar is loaded with vitamin A and complex B vitamins? Neither did we.
  • Meal worms – With the risk of losing your interest, we have to say that this meal choice is super high in proteins. We were aware of it when it came to our chickens, but in fact, it’s a viable meat source for ourselves as well.
  • Roast beef – Roast beef is probably one of our favorite meat choices. If you want to eat beef, then you should definitely consider roast beef.
  • Pheasant – If you’re into chicken meat, consider pheasant as a healthy alternative.
  • Canadian bacon – Some people are ham-lovers no matter what. If you’re really into ham and nothing in this world could ever change that, then try Canadian bacon. This type of meat is cut from a different part of the pig and it has fewer calories, carbs, and cholesterol.
  • Beef jerky – Beef jerky is dehydrated meat with lots of seasonings. It’s a great snack, very high in protein.
  • Bison – Just to make this clear: there’s a huge difference between bison and buffalo. Even so, both of these meats are very good for you.

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