20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified)

By The Captain April 5, 2021

20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified) 1

We work until late at night

Over the past few years, many of us have gotten into the unhealthy habit of working the late shift – and the pandemic life has further amplified the phenomenon.

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According to this 2018 study published in the journal Cancer Biomarkers and Prevention, women working the night shift have a 19% higher risk of developing cancer at some point in their lives.

Researchers believe this is mainly due to changes in the melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for sleepiness, but it’s also a great ally to protect us from multiple types of cancer.

Whether you’re working the night shift or just staying up late at night, this seemingly innocent habit can seriously damage your health.

Captain’s Tip: Staying up until late using devices like your smartphone, laptop or TV can make it harder for you to fall (and stay) asleep. If you’re having trouble getting proper rest, these expert-approved techniques might help.


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