20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified)

By The Captain April 5, 2021

20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified) 1

We’re all stressed out

Stress is probably one of the most common challenges of this century – and the pandemic life isn’t making things any easier for us. Stress can deeply affect hormone production while causing insomnia, increasing unhealthy cravings and disrupting all normal functions.

Furthermore, stressed individuals are much more likely to develop unhealthy habits as they’re trying to cope with this problem. Smoking, overeating or drinking alcohol are all linked to stress and they all increase cancer risks.

Right now, there aren’t major studies confirming a direct link between stress and cancer. However, we do know that its effects on our body such as those listed above can increase the risk of cancer.

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