20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet

By The Captain June 25, 2021


Reason #10: You only eat diet foods

Over the past few years, ‘diet’ foods have taken over the grocery store shelves – and why wouldn’t they? After all, eating something low in calories that still tastes great seems like the ideal scenario, right?

Sadly, the food industry hasn’t evolved that much – and diet foods may seem healthy when in fact they’re anything but. Why?

Since those foods are low in calories, manufacturers must find other ways to trick the consumers’ taste buds. Most of the times, they’re adding sugar and salt; as a result, many ‘diet’ foods end up having more sugar or artificial flavors than their non-diet alternatives!

Specialists recommend sticking to small portions of full-fat foods such as yogurt or cheese. The same theory applies to peanut butter – organic options that contain fat are much more nutritious than low-fat ones!

Storing your peanut butter right is crucial to preserve its properties. Here are 7 mistakes even YOU might still make with yours!


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