20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet

By The Captain June 25, 2021

20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet 1

Reason #5: You’re still consuming sugary drinks

Generally, going on a diet involves giving up on commercial drinks overloaded with sugar (Pepsi, I’m looking at you too!).

This change (which might be major for many) can make people turn to alternatives they believe are healthier. From vitamin water to fresh fruit juice, these options definitely give you a higher nutrient intake.

Unfortunately, though, many of them have almost the same amount of sugars as Coke!

How can you avoid this habit? Simply replace these sugary beverages with plain water, homemade smoothies or shakes. We have plenty of sugar-free recipes that are surprisingly delicious in our Shake it Up! Series right here.

If you do want to get a store-bought drink, though, read the label thoroughly to check the sugar content per serving.


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