20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet

By The Captain June 25, 2021

20 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Lose Weight Yet 1

Reason #7: You think foods high in fat are bad

Sadly, the theory suggesting that consuming fat means gaining unwanted pounds is still dangerously popular.

Not only are fatty foods good for your health, but they’re also essential to meet your nutritional needs daily!

Much like protein, though, fat can come from many sources – and some of them can indeed do more harm than good (think fast-food or processed meals).

However, low-fat diets are proven to be ineffective and damaging in the long run. For example, these diets have been associated with increased insulin resistance, which increases your risk of heart disease in time.

Just to make things clearer, we made a list of 7 low-fat foods you should never eat (and why), so make sure to check it out right here.


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