5 Bad Habits That Are Even WORSE Than You Think

By The Captain November 19, 2020

Wellness Captain Unhealthy Habits

Stressing over everything

Sadly, more than three-quarters of adults in our country are feeling stressed constantly, as per the American Psychological Association.

And that was before the pandemic.

Stress, worries and anger can have serious health consequences as they increase your blood sugar levels, alter the digestion process and even lower immunity.

Our ancestors experienced stress as a fight-or-flight response which gladly kept the human race alive for so long. However, today’s society is overloaded with stressors which can affect your life quality.

Wellness CaptainCaptain’s Solution: While you can’t take a vacation to recharge your batteries, optimizing your daily routine can make a huge positive difference. You can start small by taking 5 minutes of silence every day, reducing your doomscrolling and spending quality time with your loved ones.


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