5 Foods That Give You Energy This Pandemic

By The Captain September 1, 2020

Wellness Captain Foods That Give You Energy

  1. Brown rice

Did you know that brown rice contains four times more protein than white rice? That’s because brown rice is considerably less processed than other options, which helps to preserve its valuable nutrients.

Only 50 grams of brown rice include 2 grams of fiber and almost helps you reach your daily recommended intake a manganese. This mineral helps enzymes break down carbs and protein, which turns them into pure energy.


  1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of energy out there. They’re packed with plenty of protein and there are endless ways to cook them. As a plus, eggs contain leucine, an amino acid known to stimulate the production of energy.

Furthermore, this food is rich in B vitamins, which help your body to break down foods and turn them into energy.


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