5 Reasons Why Becoming Vegan Will Change Your Life

By The Captain October 14, 2020

Wellness Captain What Happens When You Become Vegan

Change #3: You WILL be hungry

Most people think that the transition to vegetarianism is much easier than becoming a vegan; that’s because vegetarians still have eggs and dairy to rely on, both of which contain fulfilling fat and protein.

Giving up on many foods that provide satiety may leave you feeling pretty hungry – at least at first. In this case, the best thing you can do is to meal prep as much as possible. This way, you can have a healthy snack or meal ready when the hunger strikes throughout the day. In time, though, your body will get used to this new way of feeding and you will regain balance.

If you’re in for this type of challenge, our 14-day vegan meal plan helps you start on the right track with this amazing journey. Check it out right here.


Change #4: You may feel tired at first

Vegan diets can bring a drop in your iodine and choline levels (two important nutrients found in eggs). Iodine is essential for keeping your thyroid healthy, thus helping to regulate your metabolism. Choline, on the other hand, improves brain functions such as memory and mood.

You will know when you’re starting to suffer from such nutrient deficiencies because they usually come with unexplained fatigue throughout the day.

Gladly, there’s a solution here too. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes are all great sources of choline. As for iodine, all it takes is adding a balanced dose of table salt to meet your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).

If you think you can’t meet these nutritional needs, it might be best to ask for professional help from a nutritionist. Not only can such specialists create a personalized meal plan, but they may also suggest proper supplementation when needed.


Change #5: You’ll develop new bowel habits

A plant-based diets provides your body with plenty of healthy fiber. This type of nutrient can do wonders for your bowel habits by preventing constipation and regulating bowel habits.

Colleen Chiariello, registered dietitian and chief clinical dietitian at Northwell Health’s Syosset Hospital, says that bowel regularity is essential for good metabolism and your overall well-being.

However, there are also two possible side effects: bloating and gas. Although they may be just a temporary sign that your body is getting used to the extra fruit and veggies, bloating and gas can be caused by some particular food choices.

I think our list of top 7 foods that can give you gas (here) will come in handy if you’re going to meal prep yourself so you can make the right decisions for every meal.


Wellness Captain  What is the most important benefit you think you get by becoming vegan? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and let’s discuss this big lifestyle changes and why it can (or can NOT) make a difference!



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