5 Serious Reasons You Should Not Ignore Constipation

By The Captain July 6, 2020

5 Serious diseases associated with constipation – You should not ignore constipation


But the problem is that a number of conditions can be hidden behind constipation or in other words lead to chronic constipation. Thus, chronic constipation can occur when a person has:


  1. Parkinson or MS – It should be noted that certain neurological problems can lead to the development of constipation. That is why constipation is also common in patients with Parkinson’s disease and those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
  2. Colorectal cancer – a tumor that exists in the digestive tract and presses on the colon can lead to constipation.
  3. Irritable bowel syndrome is another cause of constipation. Patients suffering from this condition face both too slow transit problems and some related to diarrhea, severe abdominal cramps or bloating after meals. The condition can last a lifetime, but it is not a serious one. It can be accentuated by stress.
  4. Hypothyroidism can lead to chronic constipation. It is determined by an insufficient production of thyroid hormones and symptoms include: dry skin, excessive fatigue, weight gain and constipation.
  5. Diabetes – constipation, which can alternate with diarrhea, is one of the most common complications of diabetes due to neuronal dysfunction of the colon.


You should not ignore constipation

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