Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too

By The Captain January 21, 2021

Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too 1

‘COVID Toes’

Earlier on, we’ve discussed skin rashes and how they might sometimes be a hidden sign of COVID-19. What’s even stranger, though, is that some people are also suffering from painful leisons located in the toes area – a sign now known as ‘COVID toes.’

Specialists have noticed that these lesions look a lot like chilblains, which is basically an inflammatory rash that normally appears after extensive exposure to cold air. This type of rash can leave your toes swollen, painful and itchy; in extreme cases, they might even change color to purple or red.

Note that some patients tested positive for COVID-19 are completely asymptomatic except for this one sign, so if you notice anything unusual, make sure to exclude an infection from the list of causes.


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