Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too

By The Captain January 21, 2021

Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too 1

Why are there so many symptoms?

Perhaps the most frightening part about this new virus is how many symptoms it can cause – and how many new ones show up as time passes. Whether we talk about respiratory problems, nausea, cardiovascular problems or even skin rashes, the disease feels overwhelmingly powerful.

But this comes as no surprise to health specialists like Cioe-Pena, who blame the wide spectrum of symptoms on the fact that the virus is simply… new.

When a new virus enters the human world, our bodies don’t know how to react. Our immune system is still trying to learn how to react to it, which can lead to these strange symptoms.

Secondly, there’s still plenty of research needed to establish how COVID-19 works and why it attacks so many different cells inside our system. As the situation rapidly evolves, all we can do is stay protected and talk to our doctor every time we notice something unusual.


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