5 Supplements and Vitamins to Fight Off the Pandemic Stress

By The Captain February 17, 2021

5 Supplements and Vitamins to Fight Off the Pandemic Stress 1

  1. L-theanine

Many people are surprised to hear that they have already been consuming L-theanine unknowingly throughout their lives. That’s because this popular amino acid is usually found in tea leaves.

As more and more research appears on the topic, it’s clearer than ever that L-theanine can reduce stress and promote relaxation in a very healthy way; this means that, unlike other forms of supplementation, this one doesn’t have any sedative effects whatsoever.

This 2017 review of 21 studies with a total of 68,000 participants ultimately linked green tea with reduced anxiety as well as improved brain functions such as memory or attention.

There’s a very wide range in the quantity of L-theanine you can safely consume to benefit from its positive impact; experts recommend taking between 200-600 mg per day in the form of capsules.

L-theanine supplements are much more powerful than the green tea itself because they’re more concentrated. In fact, L-theanine capsules comprise up to 2% of the dry weight of leaves which is about 10-20 mg of l-theanine available in a tea bag.

Of course, that’s not to say that green tea doesn’t have health benefits too – on the contrary! You can check out the impressive perks of green tea vs. coffee in my post right here.


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