6 Beauty Tricks That Magically Rejuvenate You

By The Captain October 27, 2020

Wellness Captain Beauty Hacks That Rejuvenate You

Be careful with mascara

Long lashes have always been considered beautiful and flattering. Unless you use the right mascara, though, you might end up looking like an overtired version of Tammy Faye.

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And we don’t want that.

Heavy mascara that creates clumpy lashes can actually accentuate your dark circles and wrinkles. In fact, many ladies well into their 50s found that they could look even younger by ditching mascara altogether!

You may swap dark black mascara for a lighter option that comes in brown shades to avoid darkening your look overall. Most importantly, test as many mascaras as possible until you find the one that doesn’t cause clumpy lashes.



What does meditation have to do with beauty?

Well, it’s no rocket science: stress, anger or sadness can add at least 3 years to anybody’s appearance regardless of age. Frowning and crying are the most common ways of expressing negative feelings, but note that the human face has dozens of muscles which unconsciously reveal how we’re really feeling.

Our state of mind has a major influence on how we look and there’s no makeup to cover unhappiness.

With that in mind, at least 20 minutes of meditation might help you relax and be more grateful for the life you have.

If you think you need extra help with that, check out our post on 3 Simple Ways to Smile More During a Pandemic.


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What are your tricks for looking younger? Share your tips in the comment section and let’s help each other acknowledge that we’re all beautiful!


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