6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know

By M. C. November 17, 2021
cooking home than ordering takeout

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6 Things Takeout Skeptics Do:

  • They have a plan – If you didn’t know by now, one of the most difficult questions in the world to answer is “What’s for dinner tonight?” Unless your family is gifted with a member that’s always good at organizing dinners, you’re probably prone to order every other night, due to a lack of time and energy. But there are a couple of things that might help you with that, such as planning apps. You can try using Plantoeat.com. It’s an easy place to organize your recipes, and it generates a shopping list based on what you want to eat. It’s also synced to your phone. If you’re not into technology, you can always try the old-fashioned sticky notes, a paper calendar, or a notebook. If you try this, you might find out that it’s quite pleasurable.
  • They stock the pantry for their favorite dishes – A full pantry will make you think twice before you open a takeout app to order burgers. If you always have the needed ingredients for your favorite meals, you won’t feel stuck or out of time. All you’ll need to add is a bit of effort…but it will be worth it!
  • They collect go-to meals – This trick is even easier than the previous one. Don’t have time to cook it, even when you have the ingredients? Totally get it. What about if you’d already have a bunch of flexible, fast recipes in your arsenal? Curries, burrito bars, stacks, noodle bowls…there aren’t enough days in the week for how many options you can try! Grain bowls are a great go-to formula, as you can make the grains ahead, and keep them in the fridge for a week.


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