6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know

By M. C. November 17, 2021
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  • They use leftovers as leverage – What? Did I just hear that you want to be more frugal and eco-friendly? Then when it comes to food, try using all the leverage leftovers. Think of the freezer as your friend. When the stars align and you cook, double-up a recipe and stash leftovers in the freezer for handy pre-made meals for when you’re too tired to do anything. Plus, you should know that some foods taste better with some time to sit.
  • They get inspiration from the internet – When it comes to finding recipes on the internet, the sky is the limit, trust me. You can look up your favorite recipes and bookmark them. Also, if you have Instagram or Facebook, you can chat with other people about their cooking techniques, and learn new ways of prepping your favorite dishes!
  • They turn to their Instant Pot – There are some single-use kitchen devices that can be used only for some stuff (like the juicer, for example). But the Instant Pot is definitely not one of them, as it can do many things: sear, sauté, take over for your slow cooker, pressure cooker, AND rice cooker. Yes, the Instant Pot makes cooking pleasurably easy.

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