7 Banned Foods Our Country Should STOP Eating Now

By The Captain November 20, 2020

Wellness Captain Banned Foods

#2: Synthetic food dyes

Over the past few decades, more and more manufacturers have turned to synthetic food dyes to enhance the appearance of their products. Although they’re most commonly used in beverages (juice, soda, sports drinks), these ingredients are also included in candy, sweets and baked goods.

Some manufacturers even took things one step further by adding synthetic food dyes to make salmon more pink or jarred pickles more yellow-green. Sounds insane when you say it out loud, doesn’t it?

Our country only used natural food dyes until mid-19th century, when manufacturers realized that chemicals were much cheaper. That’s when the chaos begun.

There’s plenty of research like this one linking synthetic food dyes to an increased risk of tumors or children’s hyperactivity.

Synthetic food dye is banned in Australia and Europe.


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