7 Banned Foods Our Country Should STOP Eating Now

By The Captain November 20, 2020

Wellness Captain Banned Foods

#4: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Perhaps the most controversial ingredients on our list, GMOs have enjoyed tremendous success when they first appeared in the 1980s. Although they’re still commonly used in our country to make soy, corn, cotton, sugar beets or canola, most European countries have long banned or regulated them.

Basically, GMOs involve changing the DNA of some crops to make them more resistant to herbicides. The most commonly used herbicide is glyphosate, a substance often linked to cancer and allergies. Note that some people have even won trials after accusing manufacturers that glyphosate caused their cancer!

Glyphosate has been heavily restricted for more than a year in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and other 22 countries around the world.


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