7 Body Parts You Should Keep Your Hands Off

By The Captain November 25, 2020


Stop touching your eyes

It might be hard to keep your hand off your eyes. It’s a quirky habit many people have. But as common as it might be, it could also generate unwanted health problems. For one, whenever you rub, knuckle or palm your eyes, you are transferring the germs and bacteria from your hands into your eyes, resulting in illness. Secondly, your cornea might become irritated and even scratched by the micro-dust particles on your fingers. Thirdly, persistently rubbing your eyes can lead to wrinkles and dark circles.

If you do need to touch your eyes, let’s say you need to put in or take out your contact lenses, don’t forget to wash your hands. Some plain old soap and water will do the trick and are just fine in keeping you protected just fine. See also Eye Problems? Here’s What It Says About Your Health.


Keep your hands off your nose

According to researchers, the average person touches their face 2,000 to 3,000 times a day and almost half of those touches involve the nose. It’s true that your nose is the host of its own microorganisms, good and bad, just like other parts of your body. But when you scratch or pick your nose, you insert a whole different lot of bacteria that can infect your nose and cause inflammation.

More than that, you transfer the already existing nose bacteria to your hands and spread it around, by touching various surfaces that other people touch as well. With the cold, flu, and, how can we forget, the coronavirus, touching your nose is definitely a no-no.


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