7 Body Parts You Should Keep Your Hands Off

By The Captain November 25, 2020

7 Body Parts You Should Keep Your Hands Off 1

Keep your hands off your mouth

Believe it or not, your mouth is home to around 34 to 72 different varieties of bacteria. Some of them are actually good for your oral health but others might have unpleasant effects like bad breath, cavities and the like. Imagine adding extra bacteria and germs from your hands and every other surface you touch throughout the day (the faucet, the doorknob, the elevator buttons, the change you got from the grocery store cashier and the list could go on).

Just like the eyes and nose, your mouth is a key gateway for bacteria which can make you sick much faster than you could say “lactobaccilus”. If you are already sick, by touching your mouth, you would be transferring your germs to other people you come in contact with. As a general rule of thumb, just keep your hands away from your mouth! And if you are Struggling with Bad Breath, Avoid These 8 Foods at All Costs.


Stop touching your ears

Your ears might be self-cleaning but that’s no reason to force them to do extra work by inserting swabs to remove ear wax or, worse, your fingers. “You should never stick your fingers deep inside your ears. The skin that lines the ear canal is very thin and subject to micro tears,” warns Lee.

Instead of trying to do it yourself and risk doing more harm than good, go to an otolaryngologist if you notice something is wrong.


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