7 Common Heart Disease Myths You Should STOP Believing

By The Captain May 6, 2021

7 Common Heart Disease Myths You Should STOP Believing 1

Myth #6: Statins can in fact damage your heart

Lately, statins have become more and more popular as many medical reviews confirm their efficacy.

In short, statins are a type of medication in the form of pills which can lower the cholesterol in your blood. The less cholesterol you have, the healthier your arteries become, thus reducing your risk of artery blockage (aka heart attack).

Many specialists are recommending statins to patients with a higher risk of heart attack or a cardiac arrest; people with diabetes might also be advised to take them because they have a higher risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

Just like any other type of medication out there, statins can also have unpleasant side effects. This has made many people refuse to follow this treatment and somehow developed a theory that they’re actually damaging the heart.

If you have any concerns regarding a certain treatment, it’s best to discuss them with your doctor and pharmacist because they’re the only people qualified to give the right answers. Here are 8 other life-saving questions you should ask your pharmacist.


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