7 Delicious Superfoods to Charge Your Batteries This Winter

By The Captain November 5, 2020

Wellness Captain Winter Superfoods

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another powerful source of antioxidants due to their high beta-carotene content (the same nutrient that gives them the orange hue). Their peak season ranges between October and December, which means you get several months to enjoy their health benefits.

You can enjoy this delicious veggie by making a soup, pie or simply roast it with some condiments on top.


  1. Broccoli

Doctors always recommend broccoli, but do you know why?

This green vegetable is loaded with vitamin C which improves your immunity – more than 100% of your Recommended Daily Value. Multiple studies have also proved that cruciferous vegetables – broccoli included – provide you with protective compounds against cancer. While more research needs to be done on the subject, this is yet another proof of their positive nutritional impact.

The best part about broccoli is that it takes literally a couple of minutes of boiling and seasoning to get a healthy, balanced side dish for dinner or lunch. The peak season for broccoli is between October to April, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy its benefits!


  1. Avocado

When I think of avocados, the first things that come to my mind are summer guacamole and tacos. However, Shapiro points out that the ideal season to consume this superfood is in winter!

Aside from being a great source of healthy fats, avocado is also rich in B vitamins such as niacin and folate, B6 vitamins and magnesium and potassium.


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What is your favorite winter meal? Share your recipes in the comment section and let’s keep our taste buds and body happy!


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