7 Foods You Should Cut Down for a Low-Carb Diet

By The Captain February 5, 2019


This is what may actually ruin your diet

Truth be told, everybody knows they should avoid certain carb-rich foods like candy, sweetened beverages and junk food. However, there are a few other bad choices few people are warned about. Unknowingly, even people on a low-carb diet end up consuming more of this macronutrient than they need and ultimately ruin their meal balance.

By definition, a person on a low-carb diet should consume anywhere between 20-100 carbs per day. That said, these carbs can also come from the following options, as long as you consume them moderately.

Let’s have a look at the main foods you should limit or avoid to lower your daily carb intake:

Our first food will bring out the Homer Simpson in you….. DOH!…..


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