7 Simple Ways to Make Your Favorite Pizza Healthier

By The Captain February 10, 2021

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Favorite Pizza Healthier 1

  1. Add a healthy side to your pizza

I know how exciting is pizza night especially if you haven’t had one in a while. But why make it all just about pizza?

Although pizza itself is one of the most satiating meal choices out there, pairing it with a healthy side dish can increase the overall nutritional benefits. For example, Kimberlain suggests opting for a veggie appetizer made of cucumber, carrots or celery sticks mixed with a yogurt-based ranch.

Even if you choose a pizza without any veggies on top, choosing this appetizer gives you the certainty of getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.


  1. Don’t rush it

This is perhaps one of the biggest traps people fall into: eating like there’s no tomorrow.

I know the comparison is a bit ironical considering the uncertain future awaiting for us, but part of enjoying all the flavors of a meal is to just go through it slowly: embrace the taste, enjoy each bite.

Eating slowly also provides an important number of health benefits. In simple terms, your body needs some time to take in the food you ingest and realize when it’s full.

If you’re eating too fast, your body doesn’t send signals that it’s full to the brain and you end up eating more than you actually need. This can also lead to bloating, nausea and other unpleasant post-meal symptoms.

Furthermore, eating slowly allows you to enjoy your company more, which has plenty of health benefits too. For example, this report from Harvard Health Publishing says that social bonds and good relationships increase longevity while improving the well-being of those already diagnosed with long-term health conditions.


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