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7 Easy Tips to Cut Calories and Stay Fit on Thanksgiving

By The Captain November 8, 2019

thanksgiving turkey

There are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to Thanksgiving and other holidays.

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Firstly, there are ones who do not care at all if they carry some extra holiday weight and let themselves splurge, because Thanksgiving only comes once per year, just like Christmas, Easter and other holidays. Are you one of those people?

Secondly, the other category is composed of the people so focused on their diets that not even Thanksgiving can stop them. We all know someone who doesn’t even taste the turkey and sticks to their salad. Some may say it’s sad, others see it as strength. In which category do you fit in?

Well, I think the healthiest way for the body and mind is a combination of both. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t let yourself enjoy a little bit of every holiday, it is not healthy for your mind. But you can definitely feel the holiday spirit without having to sabotage your diet. After all, being stuffed only works for the turkey, not for the people!

autumn workout

Tip #1: Stay active

Just because it’s Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean you should skip your workout. Even though everyone’s main focus on Thanksgiving is food, you should include a workout session that will help you keep away those extra pounds that want to reach you so bad!

You can go for a run in the morning or a trip to the gym if you have enough time between cooking and cleaning. Take your family and go for a walk or a bike ride with the kids.

woman eating a salad

Tip #2: Eat less and train harder days before Thanksgiving

The days before Thanksgiving must keep you really focused on your diet if your goal is not gaining weight.

Stick to your exercise routine and try to eat as healthy as you can, if you want to taste those mega-delicious Thanksgiving specialties.

Stick to eating as many fresh vegetables and fruits as you can, lean protein and try to stay away from carbs these days.

glasses of wine

Tip #3: Go easy on alcohol

You may know by now that alcohol adds up to your calorie intake very fast. It may be wiser to get those calories from food, rather than drinking them.

Go for a glass or two of wine, and drink some sparkling water in between glasses. Stay away from cocktails and sugary drinks as much as you can.

woman eating

Tip #4: Eat slowly

No one is rushing you. You should be enjoying your food. Put your fork down between bites and savor everything you have on your plate.

By eating slower you’ll notice that you’ll get the feeling of satiety faster, so you’ll end up eating less.

Eat your turkey with vegetables and stay away from dressings and gravy.

cereal bowl

Tip #5: Don’t skip breakfast

Even though you may think you need to save up calories, skipping breakfast is not an option.

Actually, eating a small portion for breakfast, it may give you more control over your cravings as the day passes by.

Your breakfast should be small but satisfying and filling. There are many good choices, such as oatmeal, an egg, and a toast or some fresh veggies or a bowl of cereal and some low-fat milk.

pumpkin pie

Tip #6: Limit your food portion

I know Thanksgiving food is delicious and it may be tempting to want to go for a second portion, but trust me, leftover would still be good tomorrow.

Also, do not overfill your plate, it will be harder to resist. Choose white turkey meat, vegetables, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and thin gravy.

You shouldn’t skip the pumpkin pie, but try to limit yourself to only one slice. However, if you keep your portions small, you can enjoy whatever you like.

thanksgiving family dinner

Tip #7: Remember that Thanksgiving is not only about food

Shocking, right? But really, try to enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving is about celebrating the relationship you have with the close ones so your main goal should be to spend some quality time with the people you love. It’s more to Thanksgiving than food, and you shouldn’t forget that!

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