8 Toxic Foods Produced in China That Are Extremely Dangerous

By M. C. January 6, 2022

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  • Cabbage – Just like with other vegetables that are imported from China, producers are harvesting cabbage with a formaldehyde solution, in order to keep them fresh while they’re in transit. But this is an illegal practice that has been forbidden in eastern China for years. The formaldehyde solution is keeping the cabbage fresh and plump for a longer time, without needing any refrigeration, which lowers the cost of production for the farmers, as many farmers can’t afford refrigerated trucks. Even so, this substance is toxic, and it can cause cancer. It’s also a compound that’s often used as a disinfectant!
  • Wuchang rice – If you love eating Wuchang rice from China, you should reconsider your tastes. There’s a fake version of the rice, where they put a small quantity of the real Wuchang rice mixed with artificial potatoes and plastic rice made from synthetic resin. Then, it’s sprayed with a fragrance, to replicate the original smell of the Wuchang rice. When you cook it, this fake rice stays hard.
  • Apple juice – If you’ve recently bought prepackaged apple juice and you didn’t pay a lot for it, there’s a high chance that the product is made in China. There are many research centers that found high arsenic levels in the juice. These arsenic levels exceeded the FDA’s level causing them to prompt concern. But it’s no wonder really…these Chinese manufacturers probably don’t even care about the FDA!
  • Industrial salt – Did you know that China produces 90 million tons of salt every year? And of that, 91% contains heavy metals and other extremely dangerous substances. In theory, industrial salt should never reach our tables. But you guessed right, many Chinese manufacturers failed to consider this and have been selling their products as table salt for years.

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