7 ‘Vices’ Your Doctor Actually Wants You to Have

By The Captain November 13, 2020

Wellness Captain Vices That Are Good For You

Make some love

Of all the ‘vices’ that exist in this world, I think ultimately it all comes down to s.e.x.

Aside from being the most pleasurable thing, this physical activity can also boost your mood, regulate hormone production and burn calories all at once!

But there’s a hidden perk too. Alice Domar, PhD, explains that getting frisky creates a form of connection you could never achieve otherwise. Showing your love and being loved in return can have a massive positive impact on your mental health – and that’s something we all need during a pandemic, right?

If you’re single and ready to mingle, though, it’s best to think twice before meeting new people especially during these uncertain times.


Eat a full-fat dressing

Sometimes I feel like we’re living in a fat-free-everything world; in fact, avoiding fats has almost turned into an obsession for many people as they try to shed extra pounds.

Here’s a golden rule: not every type of fat out there is bad. In fact, many full-fat foods are necessary for your long-term health, which is why so many specialists insist on adopting a diet rich in every food group.

Keri Gans, RD, recommends that at least of 10% of your daily fat intake should come from monosaturated fats. Why? This type of fat is known for reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke – a crucial benefit since coronary heart disease is the no. 1 cause of death in American adult women.

As a plus, who doesn’t love a fatty meal every now and then?


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